Navneet Youva Transparent Cover Roll-5 Star-8M

School Stationery, Youva

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8 Metre Transparent Book Cover Roll waterproof, non-tearable and durable cover roll. Also provided embossed texture in synthetic - stripes, looks like paper, but stronger than paper. Because of being waterproof for extra safety, any water or food spilled on this cover will not seep through to spoil the expensive books, it can be just wiped clean. Cover Roll is wound around a core to ensure that even the last cm of paper is not crumpled, has no creases so that it can be used to cover books as neatly as any other part & easy to see and identify the subject, due to transparency

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Product Details

Model Id 23219
Brand Youva
Length 8 Meters
Colour Transparent Cover

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Transparent Cover
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